The Blue Marble

FLORA, fearless, kind-hearted and curious, her parent GREY, a robot with highly advanced A.I., and HARRY, a grumpy cat with wings, go on daily adventures, searching for special ingredients. They love to cook and eat, and will do almost anything for it.

11 minute episodes. Adventure stories with educative features on food, cooking, farming and nature.

Feline Dion

Feline is a well-adjusted, sweet cat, but after catching her fiancé in flagrante delicto with another tomcat, she is thrown off several kilometers out of her comfort zone. After a failed suicide attempt, Feline finds herself in the care of KATSON whom she appoints as her mentor. Katson mastered the difficult martial art of Miautzi Tung. She starts as his apprentice and, as a matter of course, develops her own identity. Not only as a superheroine but also as her own cat.

Animated Series. Season 1: 10x11 minutes
Comedy, Satire, Drama, Action / Audience: 14+


Molecular biology student LYN discovers her superpowers and with them her responsibility to save our destined planet from getting overrun by an army of demons summoned by VOID, in the eternal battle of good versus evil.

Fantasy saga, 9x9 minutes. 9 seasons