Animated Series

Season 1: 8 x 22 minutes

Target Audience: Teens – Young Adults

A police show in a video game fantasy dungeon?


Think Brooklyn 99 meets World of Warcraft.

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What is it about?

Art by Mikkel Sommer

If the dungeon would be hell, even the devil would call “the ramp” a bad neighborhood. And this is right where PINKY, a young, hairless werewolf has to solve his first case as an officer of the Dungeon Police. He soon finds himself not only out of his depth but also in the middle of a great conspiracy. A new magic substance swamps the dungeon leading to a series of crimes, that make it even less a place worth living in. The dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Dungeon Police.
These are their stories.

Dungeon Police is a Police Comedy Drama for young adults. The dungeon is a place full of creatures of low moral standards and sometimes even lower intellects. It is a dark, dirty, delightful stronghold of sin, crime and weird smells.
One of those weird smells is Pinky, our main character. He thinks his calling is to bring justice to this world full of inequality, racism and monsters. With his colleagues Ulna, Emryck and Rina, the teenager tries to solve a major crime case. Together they investigate and find out not only about a conspiracy but also about themselves, their place in the world and what the word family really means.


Max Stöhr and Tobias von Burkersroda have been in a symbiotic work relationship since they 2003. They worked together on several award winning films like “The Gruffalo“ or David O’Reilly’s “The External World“. They separated for a time, when Tobias worked as Animation Director and 3D Supervisor on “The Amazing World of Gumball“ and Max directed a short film for German children‘s TV. But then joined up again on “Revolting Rhymes“. Combined they worked on 4 Academy nominated, multiple BAFTA and Annecy Crystal winning animated films and TV shows in lead and supervisor positions over the last 13 years. They always aim for the highest possible quality because they love what they do. When Max started to develop “Dungeon Police“ based on his love for video games and roleplay games, Tobi got involved to help. Since then they have been working together to make this crazy TV show a reality.


Anika works as a screenplay writer for various renowned production companies such as Ufa Fiction, Constantin, Warner Brothers and Saxonia Media. In addition to screenplays, she writes video games – 2014 and 2016 she was nominated and awarded the German Computer Games Prize for both parts of the point and click adventure “The Inner World”. Right now she is writing for various different TV stations and streaming services, including Magenta TV, Joyn, Amazon Prime, RTL 2, ZDF and YouTube.


Ilija is founding partner of directing collective POLYNOID. After producing various acclaimed and awarded short films the group started WOODBLOCK, an independent production company and studio for animated content. With it’s now 30 team members WOODBLOCK and POLYNOID today are globally respected for their innovative approach and high quality output. Ilija is working as director and managing partner for both companies and is also spearheading the groups publishing arm PLANET POLYWOOD.

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