Animated Series


Season 1: 10 x 11 minutes

Comedy, Satire, Action

Target Audience: Generation Z

So you’ve been shamed online?

Felines story takes place in FURLIN, Kauzland in a world just like ours. But instead of humans everybody is some kind of animal and every cityname has some stupid animalistic wordplay in it. Otherwise, it resembles our society to a fault – including internalized sexism, racism, toxic gender stereotypes and homophobia.

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“Give me just one reason why animalkind deserves to live. I have all the data. They don’t! You DONT! And don’t tell me about adorable cat videos!”


Season 1


FELINE is not a feminist. Actually she is a real bitch and weirdly proud of it. The system works for her, because she is pretty, shallow and selfish. But all that changes, when Feline gets canceled. Now, out of followers and out of her depth, she has to actually question herself, her life and her face without make-up. Thank god she gets saved by a silent old cat who teaches her to become a superhero!


ELON MUSCHI is one of the richest tomcats on the planet. He ist the genius behind FURBOOK, he connects animals all over the world for almost a decade. Elon, of course, gathered the entirety of the data that all the animals shared with their followers as time went on. That’s where he came to a final conclusion: The whole animalkind deserves extinction. With his endless fortune, he begins manufacturing giant creatures and scheming his elaborated plans. The only one who can still turn the tide is Feline in case her own self-centeredness doesn’t distract her again …


Kim works as Director, 2D/3D Animator and Storyboard-Artist for production companies such as Disney Television Animation, Ridley Scott Associates, SEGA and Passion Pictures London. Projects he worked on include the gametrailers from “Apex Legends” (Respawn Entertainment) , TV-series “ 101 Dalmatian Street” (Disney) and his own Webseries “Fast Heroes Sixty”.


Anika is working as script writer for all media platforms, including video games, tv-series and feature films. Her work includes award winning projects such as “The Inner World I” & “The Inner World II” and Television shows for UFA Fiction, SKY Entertain, Warner Brothers,  ARD, RTL and various others.


Ilija is founding partner of directing collective POLYNOID. After producing various acclaimed and awarded short films the group started WOODBLOCK, an independent production company and studio for animated content. With it’s now 30 team members WOODBLOCK and POLYNOID today are globally respected for their innovative approach and high quality output. Ilija is working as director and managing partner for both companies and is also spearheading the groups publishing arm PLANET POLYWOOD.

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