Planet Polywood was born at client faced animation company Woodblock, a Berlin based boutique studio offering animation services to leading brands, publishers and agencies worldwide. Woodblock was founded in 2013 by Polynoid and has since been led by filmmakers and creative minds. Despite the studios success in the commercial space the team started to feel a frustration creeping in about purely executing other people’s vision. 

Enter Planet Polywood. A platform for all creators at and around Woodblock to pitch and develop original animated content. A common space where our network of passionate animation creators are enabled to bring to life the stories they want and need the world to see.

Since 2017 we have been developing a variety of animation concepts under the Planet Polywood label and we now feel ready to launch the next phase of this adventure. With two projects already in production and 5 more concepts in stage of advanced development, Planet Polywood is now opening up about it’s plans and ready to introduce it’s vision to the world.

We are actively reaching out to possible partners committed to financing, producing and distributing high quality and fresh animated stories, openly engaging in talks about possible collaborations. The whole crew is excited about the future ahead, united in the mission to bring our concepts to life for the world to enjoy.